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    Gorilla Glue #4 Rosin


    • Type: Hybrid marijuana rosin
    • Genetics: Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dub, and Chem Sister
    • THC: 79.1%, CBD: 0.2%, and CBN: 0.3%
    • Appearance: Solid form of resin
    • Aroma: Diesel, coffee, and sour
    • Effects: Relaxed, happy, and euphoric
    • Heals: Insomnia, stress, depression, pain, lack of appetite

    OG Kush Shatter


    • Made from the highest quality OG Kush cannabis in Canada
    • Offers a number of benefits to medical patients
    • The level of THC content can be range anywhere between 70% – 90%
    • Can be used for crushing stress
    • Delivers relaxing and happy effect
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    Violator Kush Shatter | Buy Violator shatter online


    • Type: Concentrated cannabis shatter
    • Genetics: Malana and Hindu Kush
    • THC: 77%
    • Aromas: Earthy, spicy, herbal, and woody
    • Effects: Happy, relaxed, and euphoric
    • Heals: pain, insomnia, appetite disorder, stress, and depression
    • Strain: Old time strain that delivers an intense body stone making for great sedation/sleep but lousy motor skills. Use this one in the evening when you don’t have to go anywhere.
    • Consistency: Softens at room temperature to a strong taffy
    • Potency: High potent of THC. Use with proper care.
    • Packaging: A combination of twist top containers and sealed bags, depending on the volume of the product, double vacuum sealed before shipping.
    • Storage: Please store it in a room temperature or in a fridge for the best possible experience.