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    OG Kush Wax


    • OG Kush Wax is a potent Sativa strain cannabis concentrate
    • The gold color wax has an ultra smooth and soft texture
    • Used for dabbing cannabis concentrate and topping over the bowls
    • A great concentrate for overcoming conditions of anxiety and depression
    • Medical Cannabis Patients get relieved from chronic pain issues
    • Wax is perfect to enjoy in evening or at night

    White Widow Hippie Wax


    • It’s a powerful cannabis concentrate with a Sativa impact
    • Has the lineage of South Indian Hybrid and Brazillian Sativa
    • This is a powerful, highly effective, and strong wax
    • The refreshing aromatic smell fills the mind for relaxation
    • Brings down anxiousness and helps in attaining mental peace
    • Exhale smoothly without suffering cough and other conditions