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    Blue Berry Rosin


    • Blueberry Rosin is an Indica dominant hybrid with 20% Sativa
    • Comprises an extremely high level of THC Content with 70-90%
    • Administered by medical patients for suppressing pain and relieving stress
    • Has a mixture of astonishing flavors of sweet, berry, Blueberry
    • Keeps a refreshing taste in the mouth with blueberry vanilla flavor
    • Also praised due to its stunning hues found in the leaves

    Blue Dream Rosin


    • It’s a prominent Sativa-dominant hybrid of the West Coast Strains
    • Formed with the crossing of Blueberry Indica with Sativa Haze
    • Has a mind-boggling aroma of sweet berry from Blueberry Sativa
    • Also used as a medicine for curing pain, depression, nausea
    • Comprises of a high level of THC content with 55%
    • It is smoked with the help of a Dab Rig

    Gorilla Glue Rosin


    • A Cross product between the Chemis, Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel
    • Its produced with solvent-less extraction process for maintaining the purity
    • It has a beautiful scent of terpene when inspected carefully
    • Gorilla Glue has a high percentage of THC with 70-80%
    • Popular as a Cannabis concentrate to combat depression and anxiety
    • This is a full spectrum bioavailable Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavanoids

    OG Kush Rosin


    • The OG Kush rosin is a Sativa dominant cannabis concentrate
    • Brings an instant head high for enjoying the euphoric effect
    • It opens the mind with the earthy pine aromatic scent
    • The flavor is enriched with earthy, pine and woody taste
    • Experience the pleasure of slipping into the world of happiness
    • Used by medical patients in treating stress disorders and migraines

    Violator Kush Rosin


    • This Rosin is a cross of Malana and Hindu Kush
    • One of the highly potent Cannabis concentrates with 70-90% THC
    • Good enough for attaining a strong head high for the users
    • It has got an earthy, musty smell with a tangy overtone
    • The mix of Kush and spicy pepper leaves an aftertaste
    • Used for curing insomnia, pain, an anxiety in medical patients