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    10 Cannabis Chocolate Crispy Bites



    • An edible marijuana product
    • Made with unsweetened puffed rice, stevia, marshmallows, dark chocolate
    • Each bite contains 75mg THC
    • Available in dark chocolate and marshmallow flavor
    • Store in cold and dry container

    20 Sour Apple Drops


    • Consists of organic cannabis extracts along with other products
    • Has a sweet and tangy flavor of Sour apple drops
    • Comprises of a high level of THC content in it
    • Users enjoy a light head buzz for a long period
    • Offering the highest quality of cannabis edible product
    • Each pack comprises of 10 Sour Apple drops candy

    Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies


    • The chocolate chip cookies has the cannabis infused coconut oil
    • The THC Content is derived from the cannabis infused coconut oil
    • Necessary packaging materials are used for preserving the products
    • The cookies can also be enjoyed by the Vegans
    • Enjoy the mouth-watering flavor of chocolate chip
    • The cookies can be enjoyed with a cup of milk or canna-tea

    Cannabis Chocolate Fudge


    • Fudge is a great fusion of chocolate with cannabis concentrate
    • This edible cannabis helps in relieving chronic pain, other conditions
    • It’s a highly demanding and potent cannabis edible product
    • Users need to remain a bit cautious about the quantity
    • Experience a moderate head high taken during the night
    •    Supreme quality of Cannabis Chocolate fudge is made available
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    Strawberry Cough


    • A Hybrid strain
    • The level of THC content is 22% – 26%
    • Has a sweet strawberry smell
    • Helps you to feel relaxed
    • Best for treating anxiety and stress