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AK 47 Pre Rolled Joints

  • The AK-47 Pre-rolled joints comprises of 1.5gm Cannabis bud
  • Presence of 20% THC Content make users attain euphoria
  • A hybrid strain having a high Cannabis potency level
  • Used for treating pain, stress management and mood enhancer
  • The Cannabis buds are compact & covered with fine crystals
  • Preserve it at a dark and cool place for longevity


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The name of the pre-rolled joint might remind you of another element that’s highly impactful. This AK-47 Pre-rolled joint is one of the potent cannabis products having a powerful lineage. This hybrid strain is a cross formed between Thai & Afghan plant and a Columbian & Mexican plant. It is well-known among the cannabis users as one of the strongest hitting cannabis pre-rolled joints. One hit can make you get a head high with euphoria covering the mind soon. The Cannabis medical patients gain the key benefits of mood enhancement and relief from stress.

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10 Pre-rolls(1.5Grams), 20 Pre-rolls(1.5Grams), 30 Pre-rolls(1.5Grams)


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