Blue Berry Rosin

  • Blueberry Rosin is an Indica dominant hybrid with 20% Sativa
  • Comprises an extremely high level of THC Content with 70-90%
  • Administered by medical patients for suppressing pain and relieving stress
  • Has a mixture of astonishing flavors of sweet, berry, Blueberry
  • Keeps a refreshing taste in the mouth with blueberry vanilla flavor
  • Also praised due to its stunning hues found in the leaves


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The Blueberry Rosin is one of the highly potent concentrates of the Blueberry strain. Though the parentage remains a mystery, it is an Indica dominant hybrid with 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. It has the long-lasting euphoric property of relaxing down anxiety and stress levels keeping the mind calm and composed. Step into a world of euphoria and haze while getting high with the powerful rosin. The aromatic smell of fresh and sweet blueberry fills the brain and removes negative vibes. This has a great medical impact on soothing chronic stress, migraine, depression, etc.

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