Blue Dream Rosin

  • It’s a prominent Sativa-dominant hybrid of the West Coast Strains
  • Formed with the crossing of Blueberry Indica with Sativa Haze
  • Has a mind-boggling aroma of sweet berry from Blueberry Sativa
  • Also used as a medicine for curing pain, depression, nausea
  • Comprises of a high level of THC content with 55%
  • It is smoked with the help of a Dab Rig


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The Blue Dream Rosin is formed without a solvent making it a pure and potent Sativa-dominant hybrid. With the help of the Rosin Technique, a high quality finished product is produced that is enjoyed by both the novice as well as veteran Cannabis users. Although there are some Indica-like structure available yet the Sativa-dominant rosin are high in demand. For the first time users, even a small amount of the dab can make them gain high Euphoria and heavy on sedative effects. This is better to be taken as a daytime product for the users.

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