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Blue Dream | Buy Blue Dream weed Online

  • Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
  • Genetics: Blueberry and Haze
  • THC: 17-24%, CBD 2%, and CBN 1%
  • Aroma: Sweet, zesty, and fruity aroma
  • Appearance: Blue colored dense popcorn-like nuggets, light green colored buds and glistening trichomes along with radiant orange pistils.
  • Effects: Quality body buzz with euphoric, creative, uplifted and focused high
  • Heals: Stress, anxiety, PMS, appetite disorder, migraine, depression, and pain
  • High duration: Around 2 hours


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Buy Blue Dream Online-Order Blue Dream Online USA

Blue Dream is a 60% Sativa leaning hybrid marijuana strain and is quite demanding among the experienced cannabis

consumers. It has basically been derived from the epic cross of two legendary strains Blueberry and Haze. It has some

blue colored dense popcorn-like nuggets and light green colored buds along with some glistening trichomes and radiant

orange pistils. This strain has some sweet, zesty, and fruity aroma.


The THC composition level of this strain is around 17-24% on an average along with 2% of CBD composition and 1% of

CBN composition and that is quite effective to late you have a quality body buzz and an equally strong cerebral high. This

strain is much capable to lead you towards a euphoric and uplifting atmosphere. It is a much demanding strain among the

experienced cannabis consumers as it allows them to have a creative and focused state of mind. That’s why; most of the

artists prefer this strain to dip into the world of creativity. This strain is also quite capable to heal various medical

problems like stress, anxiety, PMS, appetite disorder, migraine, depression, pain, and many such medical issues. This can

be a great choice for those who are looking for a long lasting equally same cerebral and body high. Depending on the

quality of the strain is allows the stoners to have a high of around 2 hours on an average.



Blue Dream is one of the most popular hybrid marijuana strains and is quite demanding among the experienced stoners.

It’s pretty difficult to find a hybrid strain that is even comparable with this strain. The 17-24% of THC composition allows

the smokers to have a perfect balance of a quality cerebral high and an intense body relaxation.

You can find different forms of this Blue Dream strain available in the market. You can find Blue Dream Oil Pens, Blue

Dream Shatter, Blue Dream Budder and other Blue Dream concentrates.  Buy Blue Dream Online-Order Blue Dream Online USA



Like all other hybrid marijuana strains, Blue Dream also offers a wide variety of medical marijuana remedy for those who are using this for the medical purpose.

  • This strain is a perfect day-time pain reliever and also allows a relief from depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • It can also be quite effective to heal arthritis, PTSD, and other bipolar disorder.  Buy Blue Dream Online-Order Blue Dream Online USA

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