Buy Larry OG Kush online- order Larry OG Kush online

Larry OG Kush

  • Type: Hybrid strain
  • Genetics: OG Kush and SFV OG
  • THC: 21-26%
  • Appearance: Dense pale green colored buds with dark orange and red colored hairs with edgy calyxes.
  • Aroma: Fresh, pungent, sweet, and tangy.
  • Effects: Body high, cerebral, euphoric, and creative
  • Heals: Appetite disorder, chronic pain, stress, depression, bipolar disorder
  • High Duration: Around 2-3 hours


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Buy Larry OG Kush online- order Larry OG Kush online . Larry OG Kush is one of the most demanding hybrid marijuana

strains available in the world. It has been derived from the epic cross of two legendary strains OG Kush and San Fernando

Valley OG Kush.  This one is a perfectly balanced hybrid marijuana strain that has the Indica – Sativa ratio of 50:50.  It

has some dense pale green colored buds with dark orange and red colored hairs and edgy calyxes. Being a balanced hybrid

strain, Larry OG Kush has some unique characteristics of its own. Though a heavy hitting strain, this hybrid is also known

for its happy and euphoric kind of high. This strain is a versatile mood enhancer with some sort of ample physical effects

to boot.

The THC composition of this strain is around 21-26% on an average along with some minimal traced of CBD and CBN

composition. It has a wide range of aromas like fresh, pungent, sweet, and tangy. It has been first created in the Orange

County of California by cross the OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. Just like the aroma of this strain, the taste

is quite similar tangy and sweet. Due to the high potent of THC, this strain can be highly effective for those who are

suffering from severe appetite disorder. This strain is also quite capable to heal body ache and can also create a quality

body high along with some equally strong cerebral buzz. Buy Larry OG Kush online- order Larry OG Kush online

This strain is much popular as Lemon Larry among the experienced cannabis consumers. This hybrid has plenty of acidic,

citrus flavors. This strain can also be quite effective to heal bipolar disorder and some mild or moderate case of stress and

depression. If you are looking for a long-lasting stoned high, this one is a perfect choice for you as it allows a quality high

up to 2-3 hours (depending on the quality of the strain). Buy Larry OG Kush online- order Larry OG Kush online




Buy Larry OG Kush Online. Larry OG Kush is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain and it allows the stoners a happy and

uplifted smoking experience. As it is a balanced marijuana strain, you can have this strain at any time of the day. It allows

you a strong body high and also leads you towards a blissful and euphoric mental experience. This strain is capable

enough to enhance your mood and provides you with an elevated feeling. At the same time, it also allows you to enjoy a

quality physiological high.




Just like any other hybrid marijuana strain, this one also offers you a wide variety of medical benefits and is quite popular among the medical marijuana patients.

  • If you are going through some kind of severe chronic pain, body ache, and a mild or moderate case of depression, you can find a great relief with this strain.
  • People, who have some severe appetite problem, may find this strain quite effective to heal their appetite problem.
  • This strain can also heal bipolar disorder.


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