Cannabis Chocolate Fudge

  • Fudge is a great fusion of chocolate with cannabis concentrate
  • This edible cannabis helps in relieving chronic pain, other conditions
  • It’s a highly demanding and potent cannabis edible product
  • Users need to remain a bit cautious about the quantity
  • Experience a moderate head high taken during the night
  •    Supreme quality of Cannabis Chocolate fudge is made available


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Chocolate Fudges are always considered as great munchies to be enjoyed at a free time. With the infusion of cannabis extracts in the form of 75mg winterized BHO it becomes a potent edible cannabis product. Although cannabis extracts are used for vaping or smoking, but the edibles are also great to be used for enjoying the attributes. Its sweet chocolate taste stays in the mouth for a long period of time with the cerebral high being enjoyed. The Cannabis Chocolate Fudge is a perfect cannabis edible product that can be enjoyed all the year round.

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10 Chocolates, 20 Chocolates, 30 Chocolates


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