Khalifa Kush Pre Rolled Joints

  • It also goes with the name of Wiz Khalifa OG
  • The lineage of the Cannabis strain remains a mystery
  • It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid with 80% Indica & 20% Sativa
  • This has a 24%-27% THC with a low CDB level
  • Also administered for treating fatigue, depression, and muscle spasm
  • This gives a whole body buzz along with head high


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The popular Khalifa Kush cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid having a mysterious lineage. Yet, it has been produced as a descendant to the popular cannabis strain OG Kush. The proportion of Indica and Sativa is 80% and 20% with a 24%-27% of THC Content. The remains of this cannabis strain are used for making the potent Khalifa Kush Pre-Rolled Joints also known as Wiz Khalifa OG. Its reaction can be gained in the form of a mellow body buzz along with a cerebral high. This leaves you feeling relaxed and relieved from pain.

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10 Pre-rolls(1.5Grams), 20 Pre-rolls(1.5Grams), 30 Pre-rolls(1.5Grams)


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