OG Kush Rosin

  • The OG Kush rosin is a Sativa dominant cannabis concentrate
  • Brings an instant head high for enjoying the euphoric effect
  • It opens the mind with the earthy pine aromatic scent
  • The flavor is enriched with earthy, pine and woody taste
  • Experience the pleasure of slipping into the world of happiness
  • Used by medical patients in treating stress disorders and migraines


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The OG Kush Rosin is a solvent-less Cannabis concentrate with a strong Sativa effect of head high. The rosin is extracted with the balanced combination of heat and pressure. This is ideal for the novices as well as the veterans to get an instant uplifting with a happy and lethargic sensation. It is quite effective for the medical Cannabis patients to reduce the high-stress levels with its euphoric effect. This also provides relief from severe pain, anxiety, ADHD, and conditions such as appetite loss, etc. It blows up the mind with its woody, pine, and earthy flavor.

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