OG Kush Wax

  • OG Kush Wax is a potent Sativa strain cannabis concentrate
  • The gold color wax has an ultra smooth and soft texture
  • Used for dabbing cannabis concentrate and topping over the bowls
  • A great concentrate for overcoming conditions of anxiety and depression
  • Medical Cannabis Patients get relieved from chronic pain issues
  • Wax is perfect to enjoy in evening or at night


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The ultra smooth gold colored OG Kush wax is a potent Sativa cannabis concentrate. This is perfect for gaining a strong head and body high at the same time. A strong head high emerges with the intake of a small dose of the wax concentrate. A larger dose of the wax ends up in relieving pain from the body by numbing the brain best used at the onset of the evening or during the night. This is not only enjoyed by the veteran users but also by the medical cannabis patients for treating chronic pain problems.

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