Violator Kush Rosin

  • This Rosin is a cross of Malana and Hindu Kush
  • One of the highly potent Cannabis concentrates with 70-90% THC
  • Good enough for attaining a strong head high for the users
  • It has got an earthy, musty smell with a tangy overtone
  • The mix of Kush and spicy pepper leaves an aftertaste
  • Used for curing insomnia, pain, an anxiety in medical patients


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For maintaining the quality of the concentrate, only supreme quality Cannabis flowers are pressed under low heat and low temperature. This extracts one of the most potent and pure Indica Cannabis concentrates – Violator Kush rosin. A cross of Indica Malana and Hindu Kush, this product gives a head high to the condition of couch-lock due to creating euphoria. Being an Indica dominant strain, this is also used by the medical patients for overcoming pain, headaches, stress levels, etc. Refresh your mood and uplift the mind with the earthy and strong flavor of the product.

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